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Favorite Links Balanced Being Therapies, LLC  -  A movement- based wellness center Radiant Child Yoga  -  Yoga shop & Training Program information Zensational Kids - Alison Morgan, encouraging every child to connect to the joy and wisdom that resides within their hearts & spirits Green Tree Yoga - Heart & Soul is partnering with GreenTREE Yoga - These programs meet National PE Core Curriculum Standards (K-12) Tara Brach- Mindfulness, emotional healing, spiritual awakening Shanti Generation- Guiding teens to bring mindfulness to life YogaUOnline - Online Yoga Education Laurie Berkner - Children’s Music Kira Willey- Children’s Music Sun & Moon Yoga Studio - Family Yoga Amy Laurent - Developmentally-based, practical information and resources for children on the autism spectrum and to the people who support them.
Free Stuff Download Printable Heart & Soul Yoga Stick Figures - use Avery form 5160 o Microsoft XPS file (just send to printer) o PDF GreenTree 5 Minute Yoga Breaks & More - Choose from 4 FREE Audio Yoga Breaks Amy Laurent centering, regulatory yoga breaks for children

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Schools taking time out for yoga- Breaks designed to meet exercise recommendations 10 Telling Studies Done on Student Meditation - Best Colleges Online Yoga and Mindfulness Educates the Whole Child - Whole Child Education FRONTLINE VIDEO ON THE TEENAGE BRAIN 2002 - PBS Frontline Video Presentation
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