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Grants for YOUR School

Beginning in May of 2012, we worked with a local elementary school in applying for a $1000 Healthy Kids Grant, offered by the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia. September 2012 the school was awarded the grant to be used for 5 Minute Yoga Break Program developed by GreenTree Yoga and presented by Heart & Soul Yoga. Contact us if you are interested in bringing a program like this to your school.
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Yoga Breaks - In School

Yoga Breaks are done during the school day in 5 minutes and can be used anytime by children and teachers alike.  The benefits of these simple breaks include stress reduction, increased focus and attention, increased energy and promote relaxation. This learned skill when practiced in daily life is very empowering. These are focused on elemetary schools. Contact us to schedule.
 mbquick@heartandsoulyogava.com    Mary Beth   571-225-2851 

Mindfulness Breaks - In School

Mindfulness breaks include breath work and the skill of being mindful which is a focused awareness on the present moment. This can be used anytime during the school day by students and teachers alike. The benefits of mindfulness include, stress reduction, resiliency and learning to be responsive - not reactive. This learned skill when practiced in daily life is very empowering. These are focused on middle schools and high schools. Contact us to schedule.

In Service Training

Heart & Soul offers presentations on the science

of yoga & mindfulness. We cover how the brain

works, the tools of yoga (poses, breath work and

mindfulness) and how these tools positively

affect the brain. We work with educators to

integrate these tools into the classroom and

school setting. We also provide training for

parents, community leaders and Parent-Teacher

organizations. Contact us to setup a


Yoga Clubs - After School

Yoga clubs are typically a 40 to 45 minute after school program and include breathing techniques, yoga poses, mindfulness and relaxation all joined together with an age appropriate curriculum of games, individual and partner poses, stories, music, laughter and fun! Available to private and public, pre-schools  through high school. Contact us to schedule.
In Schools